Action Center

Looking at Facebook, Twitter and listening to the discussions on Talk radio, there are many people that are angry with all these investigations, and the lack of productive work from our elected representatives.  Liberals, Democrats, and anti-Trumpers are doing everything they can to slow or stop any progress President Trump is attempting.  The media either supports or leads with what is looking more like a rebellion.  It is difficult to tell if the media is part of the DNC, or the DNC is part of the media.

The bottom line is the ‘opposition‘ is much better organized, they have a united front.  Conservatives and Republicans are all over the place, there is very little unity.  Some Republicans are more like Democrats, so much so that they should resign, and run for their office as a Democrat.  Switching parties should not be permitted, they ran as a Republican, and that is what their constituents expect from them, and that is what they deserve.  They place much more effort in getting re-elected, than any productive work, most would be fired if they had a real job.

This area will be dedicated to provide information and action items for people to get off their butts, and take that energy they express on Facebook and twitter, and get involved.  Conservatives are reportedly about 75% of the population, that is a powerful voice.  Contrary to liberals, we can send messages without clogging up the streets, and without the destruction of property.

This is a work in progress, and all contributions will be considered.  Comments or ideas may be edited or used in a different form, and become property of Can You See This.