Happy Birthday America


Happy 243rd Birthday America!

Just think our country has survived many attacks and is still going strong, kind of. It is under a greater attack such that we have ever seen, there is a push toward Socialism which if successful would mean no 246 year celebration.

Whether you call it Socialism or Democratic Socialism, it is just playing with words which are meaningless because they are the same thing. Socialism and freedom are not compatible, are you willing to give up your freedom because we have some extremists that think it would fix all the wrongs of America? Our country is not perfect but we have learned from our past and continue to move forward, the extremists are still focused on the past with no vision for the future.

We have politicians pushing for Socialism, regretfully some do not fully understand what Socialism is, but some do, and both are dangerous. Socialism has never worked; there are many examples in recent history. Venezuela would top that list because it is ready to fall apart. Cuba hasn’t progressed much from the fifties and is still a failed work in progress. Look at the European Union; it is showing cracks in the tough façade. The examples there would be Greece and Spain; their economies almost crashed and would have done so if the rest of Europe had not provided support.

The United States is currently in a powerful economic surge and the rest of the world actually shares in that surge. As the U. S. goes, so does the world and those pushing for Socialism do not understand that or do not want to, you cannot see if the eyes are closed. If the U. S. is turned into a Socialist country, the economy here would crash and as a result, the entire world would suffer greatly because their economies may also crash. There will be no more ‘Free’ elections; they will be staged productions with the results predictable. Creativity will be stifled. The incentive would diminish because there would be little possibility for individual growth and besides working would be optional anyway. Taxes will skyrocket but yes, ‘everything’ will be ‘free!’  The government will run everything and you will have no choice but to comply.  Individual thought will be prohibited and possibly punished with time in a rehabilitation facility or prison as it is better known.  If you doubt that just look at China and see how they handle dissent.

Many have sacrificed for the freedoms that we enjoy today, they believed in America, they believed in the dream and they believed in the future.

God Bless America

The land of the free and home of the brave.

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