Health Care 2017 Q & A

Questions & Answers

Q – How will you get everyone to buy insurance without a fine of some kind?

A – The idea of placing a fine for not buying something has always been a sore spot.  The idea of letting the free market decide on pricing, and the option for basic insurance for the young and healthy, should offer a low cost option that will be attractive for them.  If there is a need to have some kind of fine structure, it should not be managed by the IRS, and the funds collected should go into the General Insurance Fund.

Q – How will you solve the problem of crossing state lines?

A – State lines will not exist.  Your health insurance is based on each individual, not on where you live, so your health insurance will go with you.

Q – Why have insurance through employers?

A – Employers can use health insurance as a benefit, or an enticement for hiring purposes, much like it used to be.  This will also provide for a multi member discount.

Q – How would you make premiums portable from one to another if they are not insured by the same company?

A – All insurance companies will offer similar plans, if it is necessary to switch companies, they will be able to pick up the same or similar plan with the same premiums.

Q – Why continue to give profits to insurance companies when we can save money with Medicare?

A – Medicare is a government program, the free market is better at controlling costs.  Compare this to the automobile insurance industry, rates have come down considerably with the increased competition.  We Do Not want the government involved in any health care, an example is the VA.

Q – Could insurance companies be required to be non-profit?

A – There are several non-profit health care providers and insurers, some are quite successful, that is their choice.   I would leave most as for profit companies, the market will weed out the companies that are not competitive.  This could be an area for limited government oversight.  It does bring up a thought on executive salaries, which in some cases is out of control.  Consider how many premiums would be needed for a salary package worth 20 Million dollars.


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